New Celtic Music

For this New Sounds program, there’s a helping of Celtic music from the non-compromising traditional band Altan, named after the deep and mysterious lake behind Errigal Mountain in Donegal. The group was born of a combination of old Donegal fiddle music and unusual Northern flute tunes and later added a bouzouki-player a guitarist, a second fiddler and an accordion player. Their sound benefits from a deep knowledge and love of other music, as well as Irish, ranging through rock, blues, jazz and country to classical. Also on the show is the most recent record by Canadian singer Mary Jane Lamond – “Storas” (treasures.) Lamond elegantly delivers Scottish Gaelic ballads using modern instruments and progressive arrangements driven by the desire to let the songs breathe. Plus, music from the huge and expressive voice of singer/songwriter Susan McKeown, not just a Celtic singer, but an interpreter who can easily bridge into folk, rock, pop and blues. All that and a whole lot more.

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PROGRAM #2504 Great Women’s Voices in Celtic Music (aired Mon. 1/30/06)





Mary Jane Lamond


O Nighean Donn nan Gobhar [4:30]

Factor/Turtlemusic #06363


Harvest Storm

Donal Agus Morag [4:30]

Green Linnet #1117 ***

Mary Jane Lamond


Oran Luaidh [4:00]

See above.

Susan McKeown


An Nighean Dubh [4:00]

Green Linnet #1205*

Various artists: Alyth McCormack

The Future Sounds of Gaeldom

Hi Horo [4:00]

Survival #15161


The Red Crow

Mallai Chroch Shli [4:00]

Green Linnet #1109*

Various artists: Capercaillie

Celtic Voices

Ailein Duinn (Dark Alan) [3:30]

Green Linnet #3125***

Various Artsists: Kate Bush

The Celtic Heartbeat Collection 2

Mna Na h’Eireann [3:00]

Celtic Heartbeat /Universal #53122 Available at*

Various Artists: Annie Ebrel & Gilles Le Bigot

Celtic Voices

Ar Galan Digorr [6:30]

See above.

Various Artists: Karen Matheson

Celtic Voices

Rithaill Aill [3:30]

See above.

Various Artists: The Iron Horse

Celtic Voices

Raindance [2:00]

See above.