Mostly Acoustic Indie Chamber

Can you imagine a show where you hear violas, french horn, trumpet, bassoon, stand-up bass, organ, guitars, drums, xylophone, steelpan, accordion and typewriter all together in the same hour-long program? Well, just give a listen to the adventurous music of several hard-to-describe jazz/classical/experimental/post-rock ensembles on this New Sounds show. First off, we’ll peek at the most recent Clogs record, Lantern, an intimate song-based affair. Also, there’s music by the Bell Orchestre. (For those keeping score, it could be worth noting that Clogs includes guitarist Bryce Dessner and violist Padma Newsome from The National, and Bell Orchestre features The Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry and Sarah Neufeld.) Plus, listen to lyrical jazz-ish folk chamber music by Gato Libre, with an unusual combination of trumpet and accordion anchored by guitar and bass. There’s also music by the Australian combo Coolangubra (it’s Aboriginal for skull of kangaroo), slow-core electric guitar dreamy rockers Slow Six, and more.

PROGRAM #2497 Post Rock Chamber Ensembles (First aired: Thursday 1/12/06)







Canon [3:30]

Brassland #010 ** *

Bell Orchestre

Recording A Tape The Colour of the Light

Les Lumieres, pt 2 [3:00]

Rough Trade #258 or



Voisins [3:00]

See above.

Bell Orchestre

Recording A Tape The Colour of the Light

Salvatore Amato [6:30]

See above.

Gato Libre

Strange Village

Strange Village [7:00]

Muzak #1073 or

Slow Six

Private Times In Public Places

This Is Your Last Chance (Before I Sleep), excerpt [7:00]

IfThenElse #001


Storm Coming

I Wanna Be A Everything, excerpt [6:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13080

Lee, Askill, Atherton

Shoalhaven Rise

Looking South [6:30]

Celestial Harmonies #15019