25th Anniversaries for Two

Vocalist/composer David Hykes joins New Sounds to mark the 25th anniversary of his landmark recording with the Harmonic Choir, "Hearing Solar Winds." Hykes has mastered overtone singing known as Harmonic Chant, the skill developed by Tibetan monks and Mongolian nomads that allows them to sing low and high notes simultaneously. The one-time New York-based ensemble, the Harmonic Choir, now resides in France, and by February of 2008, there will be a new US-based Harmonic Presence Foundation home base in Sag Harbor, New York.

PROGRAM #2743, David Hykes: 25th Anniversary of “Hearing Solar Winds” (First aired on Monday, 12/10/07)





David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir

Hearing Solar Winds

Rainbow Voice [2:30] + [4:00]
Telescoping/Ascent [15:00]

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Harmonic Worlds

World 6 in Mode 18 [11:00]
World 7 in Mode 3 [3:00]
World 1, excerpt [4:30]

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