Bang a Gong

Sample some of the music of New Zealand composer/entertainer Gareth Farr on this New Sounds. We'll hear Farr's work, called "From the Depths Sound The Great Sea Gongs" evoking "masses of gleaming bronze, covered with seaweed, lurking far beneath the waves." There’s also the bowed piano of Stephen Scott's "Vikings of the Sunrise." The title refers to the intrepid explorers who most likely started out in Indonesia, and then gradually made their way into the sunrise, settling the islands of the Pacific. Then, listen to Lou Harrison's "Concerto In Slendro," using the Indonesian scale which makes the violin, celeste, tack piano and percussion sound like a gamelan. Plus, John Luther Adams's work "For Lou Harrison," and more.

PROGRAM #2738, “The Indonesian/Polynesian Influence” (First aired on Wednesday, 11/21/07)





Gareth Farr

From The Depths Sound the Great Sea Gongs

Tabuh Pacific [16:30] Or download from

Stephen Scott

Vikings of the Sunrise: Fantasy On the Polynesian Star Path Navigators

Ocean Drum [3:00]
Sun Catcher [4:00]
Star Path [3:30]
Tangiia Takes Ten To Tango [3:00]

New Albion #084*

Lou Harrison

Chamber And Gamelan Works

Concerto In Slendro [9:30]

New World #80643** *

John Luther Adams

For Lou Harrison

For Lou Harrison, excerpt [5:00]

New World #80669** *