Asian Fusion

Asian Fusion is not just a cuisine. We'll hear contemporary music by Gamelan Cudamani - who play a type of hybrid gamelan orchestra with seven tones instead of the usual five. Plus, we'll sample from the Rough Guide To Indian Lounge, with the Indian flute and voices of Bombay Dub Orchestra and the mesmerizing slide-guitars of Debashish Bhattacharya; along with other like-minded explorations.

PROGRAM #2731, “Asian Fusion” (First aired on Friday, 11/2/07)





Various Artists: Tribali

The Rough Guide To Indian Lounge

Never Give Up [6:00]

World Music Network - #RGNET 1192**

DJ Rehka

Presents Basement Bhangra

Aaja Nachiye Boliyan Paiye [3:30]

Koch #4180** *

Various Artists: James Asher

The Rough Guide To Indian Lounge

Further East [5:30]

See above.

DJ Rehka

Presents Basement Bhangra

Bhanghall [2:30]

See above.

Various Artists: Sonorous Star

The Rough Guide To Indian Lounge

Indian Motorcycles [5:30]

See above.

Various Artists: Mari Menari

The Rough Guide To the Music of Malaysia

Ghazal Masri [4:30]

World Music Network #RGNET 1176

Gamelan Çudamani

Odalan Bali

Truna Gandrung [5:00]

Private CD. For info:

Gareth Farr & New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

From the Depths Sound the Great Sea Gongs

Tabuh Pacific, excerpt [10:00]

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Zaman 8 & Hafez Modir

Suryaghati EP2

Rahu [4:00]

Six Degrees, digital release only, online at *