(Near) East Meets West

Take a new look at medieval music as the British a capella group The King's Singers and Middle Eastern early music specialists, Sarband team up to perform sacred music by 17th century composer Ali Ufki. A bit of background - Ali Ufki was a protestant born in Poland, but converted to Islam after his capture by the Ottoman Turks at the age of 13. He was a musician and translator in the imperial court of the Sultan Mehmed IV in Constantinople, (documents from the period indicate that he spoke 16 languages) where he also translated the bible into Turkish. On this New Sounds program, listen to the Ali Ufki’s Turkish settings of the Psalms of David. Also, hear the trouvére song “Chanterai pour mon coraige,” the lament of a woman whose husband has gone off to fight in the Crusades. Plus music by Ensemble PAN, and more.

PROGRAM # 2473 Early Music, New Arrangements (First aired on Thurs. 11/10/05)





Ensemble P.A.N.

The Island of St. Hylarion

Contre dolour [4:00]

New Albion #038 www.newalbion.com

Thomas Binkley & Studio der Frühen Musik

Troubadours & Trouveres

Guiot de Dijon: Chanterai pour mon coraige [8:00]

Telefunken 6.35519
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King’s Singers & Sarband

Sacred Bridges

Ali Ufki: Psalm 5 [12:00]

World Village #468052 ** www.worldvillagemeusic.com*

Paul Giger


Tropus [14:00]

ECM #1681 ** www.ecmrecords.com*

Ensemble P.A.N.

The Island of St. Hylarion

Pymalion qui moult subtilz estoit [6:00]
Da magne Pater [3:00]

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