World Tour

From frenetic crazy Bulgarian wedding music to the blown-out amplified sounds of thumb pianos, feast your ears on a smorgasbord of world music for this New Sounds program. Hear Ivo Papasov and Yuri Yunakov’s infectious Bulgarian be-bop once outlawed by the Soviets. There’s also fierce Flamencobilly-Rock from Martires del Campas, featuring screaming electric guitars combined with palmas (handclaps) and woody percussion, and Chico Ocano‘s blistering, raw-edged vocals. And not to be outdone, listen to a Congolese band whose electrified kalimbas (thumb pianos) wired to used car parts, a pots-and-pans rhythm section, and megaphone loudspeakers, are inexorably danceable. And much more.

PROGRAM # 2468 World Music (First aired on Fri. 10/28/05)





Ivo Papasov & Yuri Yanakov

Together again

Filips Kyuchek [8:30]

Traditional Crossroads #4330

Mahala Rai Banda

Mahala Rai Banda

Spoitoresa [4:30]

Crammed Discs #31 *


Ethiopiques, Vol. 20 Live In Addis

Antchim Endelela [7:30]

Buda Musique #860121

Konono No. 1


Kule Kule

Crammed Discs #27 *

Various Artists: Hazolahy

The Rough Guide To The Music of Madagascar

Ka Mipoerapoera [4:00]

World Music Network #1163** *

Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate

In The Heart of the Moon

Mamadou Boutiquier [5:00] Hawa Dolo [5:00]

Nonesuch World Circuit #79920** *

Martires del Compas

No Papeles/ No Papers

Day Is Done, excerpt [5:00]

World Village #468045 ** *


Sacred Stone, preview CD

Pub Crow [3:30]

CD due in 2006