#2713: Electronics Plus One

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On this New Sounds program, there's music from 5-string slinging Caryn Lin, who loops her electric violin into haunting and ethereal works. Also, listen to a work for sax and electronics, as tackled and tangoed by Brian Sacawa. Plus, hear music by Frances White - her work "Center Bridge" - and any other combination of soloist and electronics that might crop up.

PROGRAM #2713, Instruments & Electronics (First aired on Thurs.. 9-13-07)





Todd Reynolds

Private tape

Phil Kline: The Reynolds Etudes in D minor [1:00]
in Eighths [2:30]
in f# minor [3:30]

Not commercially available.

Caryn Lin

The Call

A Lump Is A Hole [4:30]

Gypsyline, no #
OR www.carynlin.com

Brian Sacawa

American Voices

Erik Spangler: Pastlife Laptops and Attic Instruments [13:30]

Innova #675

Marco Oppedisano

Electroacoustic Compositions for Electric Guitar

The Dark Wood [4:0] Eternal Lovers [3:00]

OKS #007 www.oksrecordings

Frances White

Centre Bridge

Centre Bridge [12:00]

Mode #184 www.moderecords.com

Jon Hassell

Vernal Equinox

Blues Nile, excerpt [4:00]

Lovely Music #1021 www.lovely.com