Worldwide Overtones

Composer and vocalist Joan La Barbara can approximate ranges of sound from a chanting monk to the cry of a fallen bird. On this New Sounds, sample some of her work – both her solo voice and her voice as a thick forest. Plus, David Hykes succeeded at finding harmonics through his own voice back in 1975, by listening and singing along with the Mongolian, Tuvan, and Tibetan recordings then available. Listen to some of his work with the Harmonic Choir on this edition of New Sounds. We’ll also hear some traditional overtone singing from Tuva, Tibet, Corsica, and Armenia, along with a startling performance by country-pop star Glen Campbell.

PROGRAM # 2453 Overtones around the globe (First aired on Thurs. 9/15/05)





David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir

Harmonic Meetings

Kyrie Opening, excerpt [3:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13013/14***

The Gyuto Monks

Tibetan Tantric Choir

Guhyasamaja Tantra Chapter II, excerpt [4:00]

Windham Hill #2001***


The Orphan’s Lament

Prayer [2:30]
Ancestors [3:00]

Shanachie #64058***

Paul Pena

Genghis Blues – soundtrack

Kargyraa Moan [4:00]

Six Degrees #1038** www.sixdegrees-

Glen Campbell

WNYC, 6/15/05

Bonaparte’s Retreat [:30]

Not available.

The Music of Armenia, Vol. 1

Sacred Choral Music

Sirt im Sasani [4:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13115***

E Voce Di U Cumune

Corsica: Chants Polyphoniques

Lode di u sepulcru [5:00]

Ocora #901256 www.harmonia-

Ensemble Organum

Chants de L’Eglise de Rome/Period Byzantine

Hec Dies [7:30]

Ocora #901218 www.harmonia-

Joan LaBarbara


Rothko, excerpt [10:00]

New World Records #80545. www.newworld-