New Releases August 2007

It's that time of the month again for the new releases show on New Sounds. John Schaefer carefully sorts through the stacks, and boatloads of new CDs which have come across his desk over the past month to present some of the finest new releases.

PROGRAM #2709 New Releases, August 2007 (First aired on Friday , 8/31/07)





Karlheinz Stockhausen


Models 7-12 [7:00]

Harmonia Mundi #807408 *

Jozef Van Wissem

Stations of the Cross

Propempticon [4:00]

Incunabulum #004

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

LAGQ Brazil

R. Penaforte: Gangorra [3:30]

Telarc #80686**

Bruce Brubaker

Hope Street Tunnel Blues

P. Glass: Etude #5 [4:00]

Arabesque #679

Diego Amador

Piano Jondo

Quiero Olvidarte [4:30]

World Village #468071

Omer Avital


Middle Eastern Sunset [2:00]

Fresh Sounds/ World Jazz #035

Ravish Momin's Trio Tarana

Miren (A Longing)

Ragalaya [13:00]

Clean Feed #087

Peter Michael Hamel

String Quartets 3& 4, String Trio

String Quartet #4 Hyang-ak [6:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13278