#1364: From the Vaults: Paolo Braganca

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For this 1997 From the Vaults edition of New Sounds, Paolo Braganca, the Portuguese fado singer and composer visits the studio. Branganca has turned fado on its musical ear and blended it with chamber, rock and jazz elements.

PROGRAM #1364, with guest Paolo Bragança (first broadcast 4-25-97)





Fado’s Archives, Vol. 3

Lisbon Women, 1928-31

Midnight Fado [3:00]

EMI Portugal/Heritage #24.

Amalia (Rodrigues)

50 Anos

Ai Esta Pena De Mim [3:00]

EMI Portugal #793 7582. Some of Amalia’s CDs are available in better stores (see below).

Paolo Bragança

Notas Sobre a Alma

Senora Do Almortaõ [4:00]

Polydor (Portugal) #511760. Probably not available in USA.

Paolo Bragança


Hero’s Fado [3:30]
The Spirit of the Flesh [3:30]
Sin I [3:00]
Fatigue [3:30]

Luaka Bop/Warner Bros #46334** Amazon.com*

Amalia (Rodrigues)

50 Anos

Maledicaõ [4:30]

See above.

Paolo Bragança

The Mystery of Fado

Maledicaõ [4:00]

Polydor #531 749. Not in print.

**In most better stores; try J&R, Virgin, HMV, Other Music, etc.