#1594: From the Vaults: World Mysticism

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For this 1999 New Sounds from the Vaults, hear mystic fiddle music from Baluchistan along with Hassan Hakmoun, who plays Gnawa trance music from Morocco. Plus, hear Sufi music of the Galata Mevlevi Dervishes, the Monkey Chant of Bali, piano music of G.I. Gurdjieff/Thomas De Hartmann, and the ecstatic Qawwali singing of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Music by John Tavener rounds out the show.

PROGRAM #1594, Mystic Music Around the World (First aired on Fri. 11/13/98)





John Tavener

Ikon of Light

Mystic Prayer To The Holy Spirit, exc. [3:00]

Gimell #005**

The Music of Islam

Vol. 14: Mystic Music Throughout the Ages

Hor Bakma Sen Topraga [4:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13154** www.harmonies.com OR Amazon.com*

The Mystic Fiddle of the Proto-Gypsies

Trance Music

Damali pieces [5:00]

Shanachie #65013**
OR Amazon.com*

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

En Concert A Paris, Vol. 1

Naat, excerpt [8:00]

Ocora #558 658 ** Amazon.com*

The Music of Vietnam

Volume 1.2

Hat Chau Van [8:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13083** www.harmonies.com

Hassan Hakmoun

The Fire Within

Wa Yay Yay Saadiya [4:30]

Music of the World #135. www.musicoftheworld.com Amazon.com*

Global Voices

Traditional, Sacred, and Contemporary Vocal Music

Bali: Kecak Music Drama Interlude [3:30]
The Garcia Brothers: Turtle Dance, excerpt [4:00]

Music of the World #149. 3-CDs, see preceding.

David Blanasi

Didjeridu Master

The Big Shadow – The Spirit [1:30]

Big Bang Records, Amazon.com*

Angels In The Mirror

Vodou Music of Haiti

M Pap Mache [2:00]

Ellipsis Arts #4120. Amazon.com*