Choral Music

This New Sounds program samples a bit of choral music, with works that draw upon the Odyssey and the ancient folk songs of Estonia to a work based on a portion of the life of Mohandas K. Gandhi. Listen to David Bedford’s interpretation of the seductive feminine charms of the singing temptresses in “The Sirens,” part of a larger work inspired by scenes of Homer's poem, featuring a female choir. Also, there’s music by Veljo Tormis, his “Curse Upon Iron,” a suggestive symphony for voices, which uses glissandos, shouts, shrieks, and percussive singing together with shaman drum. At the work's climax, the chorus sings about nuclear warheads and plutonium as it imitates the hair-raising sound of an air-raid siren. Rounding out the show is music from the Philip Glass opera, Satyagraha (a Sanskrit word meaning 'truth force'), which deals with Mahatma Gandhi's early years in South Africa and his development of non-violent protest.

PROGRAM # 2446, Choral Works (First aired on Tues. 8/30/05)





Philip Glass


The Vow (Satyagraha, Act. I) [11:30]

Sony Classical #62960** (3 CDs)*

David Bedford

The Odyssey

The Sirens [9:00]

Virgin #2040 LP
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Gavin Bryars

On Photography

Expressa Solis/ Tersa Perfetta (Tersa Perfetta section) [9:00]


Veljo Tormis

Litany To Thunder

Curse Upon Iron [10:00]

ECM #1687 ***