Music & Technology

There are some early instances of electronic and electroacoustic music on this New Sounds program, as we continue to mine the vast motherlode of riches from the early years of New Sounds Live performances. Hear the first farewell performance of "Big Mouth," a work for musical shoes by Linda Fisher, as played by Linda Fisher and Joshua Fried. Imagine men’s shoes, mounted on a stand, and then beaten with drumsticks. When the soles of the shoes are hit, a gate is triggered, which plays a sample - and in the case of "Big Mouth," the samples are of classic cartoons talking crazy talk. Also, listen to Ingram Marshall’s work Hidden Voices, where he uses various tape looping techniques to come up with some the eeriest sounds ever recorded, featuring the soprano voice of Cheryl Bensman-Rowe. Plus, computer music by Neil Rolnick, and his piece called “Balkanization.”

PROGRAM # 2443, Music & Technology from New Sounds Live, the Early Years (First aired on Mon. 7/25/05)





Joshua Fried, with Linda Fisher

Live, Merkin Hall, 4/11/91

Shoe Piano Rhapsody [5:00]
Big Mouth [9:00]

Not commercially available.

Ingram Marshall w/ Cheryl Bensman-Rowe

Live, Merkin Hall, 9/12/91

Hidden Voices [19:30]

Recorded on Nonesuch # 79227
Available at*

Neil B. Rolnick

Live, Merkin Hall, 4/11/91

Balkanization [8:00]
Macedonian Air Drumming [3:00]

Both pieces appear on the
CD Macedonian Air Drumming,
Bridge Records #9030,