Six-String Riley

For this edition of New Sounds, Gyan Riley joins us in the studio to present recent works and sneak peeks at in-progress studio recordings. The gifted young guitarist and composer is also the son of legendary American composer Terry Riley. Let it be known that Gyan started out on violin, but coveted the electric guitar because of an older brother’s band. He later won a raffle for a nylon string guitar and four free classical lessons. When he wasn't practicing classical stuff, he was learning every Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, Descendents, Misfits, etc., and other punk song he could get his hands on. Listen to some of Gyan playing guitar with the World Guitar Ensemble, The Falla Guitar Trio; as the mandocellist of the Modern Mandolin Quartet, and some of his own works from his debut recording “Food for the Bearded.” Also, there’s music by the post-rock/chamber group called Clogs, and more.

PROGRAM # 2548, With Gyan Riley (First aired on Thurs., 5/18/06)





World Guitar Ensemble

Crossing Borders

G. Riley: Morebettabutta, excerpt [1:30]

CCN Music #080603



Kapsburger [2:00]

Brassland #010*

Lullaby For Sue

Swarms [6:00]

Brassland #004*


5/4 [2:30]

See above.

Gyan Riley


Procession of the Ancestors [6:30]

This performance not commercially available. Riley’s own CD, “Food For The Bearded,” is at*

Private tape

Herbie Moonshine’s Last Dance [7:30]

More about Riley at


Eyes of Orion [4:00]

Appears on the guitar compilation “156 Strings.” Cuneiform RUNE 163CD. Available at


Lullaby For Sue

Who’s Down Now? [3:30]

See above.