World Post-Minimalism

For this New Sounds program, sample some post-minimalism from around the world. There’s music from the brand-new release, “Paranoid Cheese” by Baltimore-born composer Marc Mellits. In places, there are relentless repetitive motifs that rock hard, while other pieces, like the title track, absolutely soar with long lovely phrases. Also, hear music by Kevin Volans, a South African composer now living in Dublin, Ireland. His work, “White Man Sleeps” for string quartet, is a collaboration with the Kronos Quartet, and the title refers to the startling silences found in a Nyanga panpipe dance. According to tradition, these quiet interruptions represented an effort not to awaken sleeping white landowners. Plus, listen to music by Philip Glass arranged for the modern Brazilian group Uakti – so named for the legendary Amazonian creature with holes all over his body. Whenever he ran through the forest, the wind passing through his body made wonderful and intriguing sounds, much like the group’s exotic instruments, which were constructed using everyday materials: pipe, glasses, metal, rocks, rubber, and even water. And there's much more.

PROGRAM # 2544, the Minimalist Influence (First aired on Mon., 5/8/06)





Kronos Quartet

Pieces of Africa

Kevin Volans: White Man Sleeps, Parts 1 &2 [10:00]

Nonesuch #79275***

Marc Mellits/Mellits Consort

Paranoid Cheese

The Misadventures of Soup [6:00]*


Aguas Da Amazonia – Music By Philip Glass

Japura River/Purus River [12:30]

Point Music #259 464 064. Out of print but try

From Scratch

Songs For Heroes

Songs For Heroes 2, excerpt [5:30]

Rattle #002. Available at

Robert Lloyd


Feral, excerpt [10:30]

Kronos Quartet

Pieces of Africa

Kevin Volans: White Man Sleeps, Part 4 [4:30]

See above.