#90: New Music from Southeastern Europe

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A collection of intricate music coming from the exotic countries in Southeastern Europe. This program includes music from trad. Bulgaria (Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares), Wendy Carlos (Beauty and the Beast), trad. Rumania/arr. Orientexpressen (Andra Resan), trad. Rumania/arr. Kapelye (Kapelye's Chicken), Violetta Dinescu (privet tape), Okay Temiz (Okay Temiz & Saffet Gundeger), trad. Greece/arr. Vassilikos (Greece Vol. 4 & 5), trad. Greece/arr. Vangelis (Irene Papas: Odes), and trad. Greece.arr. Halkias (Songs and Dances of Epiros).