What's Up with Gavin Bryars

English composer Gavin Bryars first made his musical reputation as an improvisational jazz bassist in the mid-sixties, but he abandoned improv to work for a time in the United States with John Cage. He last stopped by the WNYC studio to present excerpts from his 2001 collaboration with Merce Cunningham, “Biped.” Besides his works for theatre and dance, Bryars has written prolifically for the concert hall and has written three full-length operas to date. Among Bryars’ fans and collaborators are the songwriter Tom Waits, guitarist Bill Frisell, and early music specialists The Hilliard Ensemble. On this edition of New Sounds, English composer Gavin Bryars joins John Schaefer in the studio to unveil new works not yet heard in the States.

PROGRAM # 2423, with Gavin Bryars (First aired on Wed., 6/8/05)





Gavin Bryars

The Sinking of the Titanic

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, excerpt [6:00]

Obscure #1. LP, long out of print. A CD version on Point Music is also out of print, but try www.gavinbryars.com for info

Gavin Bryars

I Have Heard It Said That A Spirit Enters

I have heard it said that a spirit enters [4:30]

CBC Records #5223 www.cbcrecords.cbc.ca

Gavin Bryars

Oi Me Lasso

Lauda 4: Oi Me Lasso [4:30]
Lauda 13: Stomme Allegro [4:30]
Lauda 28: Amor dolce senca pare [6:00]

GB Records #05 ** www.gavinbryars.com

Latvian Radio Choir

On Photography

V. Silvestrov: The Lord’s Prayer [5:30]
G. Bryars: Expressa solis, excerpt [9:00]

GB Records #07 ** www.gavinbryars.com