World Trance Music

It’s an hour of world dance music and ecstatic trance on this edition of New Sounds. Hear folktronic sacred DJ music from the Algerian native Cheb I Sabbah, off of his most recent release, “La Kahena.” This master mixer brings together Indian, Arabian and African musical traditions in an intoxicating frenzy of irrestible beats with contributions on the CD from Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale, and many Moroccan musicians. There’s also music by Mercan Dede, who combines modern settings with Sufi-inspired material to set up an hypnotic otherworldly space. From his latest, “Su,” listen to a piece called “Ab-I Verd” (which means rose water), and is dedicated to the famous Turkish singer Kani Karaca. Also, there’s music from Bachir Attar, the leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka, an ancient family originating from the Moroccan village of Jajouka, whose ritual trance-inducing melodies can help achieve transcendence in music. Plus, hear exerpts from the ecstatic project by Shahram Shiva, “Lovedrunk,” - it's the poetry of Rumi, set to music for whirling.

PROGRAM # 2424, Contemporary “Trance" Music (First aired on Thurs., 6/9/05)





Cheb i Sabbah

La Kahena

Madh Assalhim [8:00]

Six Degrees #657036 1111***

Mercan Dede


Ab-i Verd [6:30]

Escondida #6510*

Cheb i Sabbah

La Kahena

Alkher Illa Doffer [8:30]

See above.

Shahram Shiva

Rumi: Lovedrunk

I Saw Goodness Getting Drunk [6:00]



Nahan, “The Hidden” [5:00]

Six Degrees #657036-1110***

Master Musicians of Jajouka:

Featuring Bachir Attar, Produced by Talvin Singh

Up To The Sky, Down To The Earth [6:30]

Point #289 464 536 Try or download at iTunes

Cheb i Sabbah

La Kahena

Im Ninalou [6:30]

See above.