Keith Jarrett once said that “the best improvisations I know of are always made when you have no ideas. The solo concert is like another world that has its own rules that I didn’t make up.” Now comes “Radiance,” a double-disc set of solo piano improvisations from Jarrett - the first in nearly 10 years due to illness - recorded live in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. On this edition of New Sounds, hear portions of "Radiance" and listen for the interplay of all the music that Jarrett has been through over the years. Also on the show is “Dance,” from “Day of Radiance" by Laraaji. Listen to his electronically enhanced zither, multi-tracked with layers of reverb and delay by uber-producer Brian Eno.

PROGRAM # 2420, “Radiance” (First aired 6/1/05)

Keith Jarrett Radiance Part 1, excerpt [1:30]
Part 2 [8:30]
Part 6 [7:30]
Part 8 [5:00]
Part 12 [6:00]
Part 17 [13:30]
ECM #1960/1961 ** www.ecmrecords.com
Laraaji Day of Radiance The Dance, #2 [9:00] Editions EG #203 Out of print.