More Lullabies

This New Sounds programs offers more lullabies – a whole hour of nocturnal works by Meredith Monk, Natacha Atlas, Taj Mahal, Harold Budd, and many others. From a new recording with the Brodsky Quartet, hear Meredith Monk’s wordless invocation, “Gotham Lullaby.” Also, listen to “Adam’s Lullaby,” a collaboration between English composer Jocelyn Pook and singer Natacha Atlas, whose Arabic vocals are lushly enveloped by the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Plus, lullabies from the Balanescu Quartet inspired by "Romania’s Edith Piaf," Maria Tanase.

PROGRAM # 2405, Lullabies, New Sounds Style (First aired on Thurs., 4/28/05)





Meredith Monk

Do You Be

Quarry Lullaby [1:30]

ECM #1336*

Marty Walker


Harold Budd: In Delius’ Sleep [4:30]

Advance #FGR 13 LP, out of print

Ali Akbar Khan


Lullaby [4:30]

Triloka #184

Danny Glover & Taj Mahal

Brer Rabbit and the Wonderful Tar Baby

Lullabye In A Major Tonight [5:30]

Windham Hill #0716 Out of print.

Robin Holcomb

The Big Time

Lullaby [1:30]

Nonesuch #79653***

Balanescu Quartet

Maria T

Lullaby [4:00]

Mute #9286

The Brodsky Quartet


M.Monk: Gotham Lullaby [4:30]

Brodsky Records #3501

Balanescu Quartet

Maria T.

Lullaby Dream [7:30]

See above.

Natacha Atlas

Something Dangerous

Adam’s Lullaby [6:00]

Mantra #1035**

Derek Jarman & Donna McKevitt


I Walk In This Garden [4:30]

Teldec #22500 CD out of print, but music available online at I-Tunes Music Store

Jaron Lanier & Robert Dick

Columns of Air

Lullaby In Glass, excerpt [2:00]

Future Tickle Music, no # Lanier’s site is: