#52: Songbirdsongs-The Undead

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Hear music for the birds on this revived New Sounds from Olivier Messiaen (Catalogues des Oiseaux), John Adams (Songbirdsongs), Philip Aaberg (High Plains), Paul Winter (Canyon), Einojuhani Rautavaasra (Cantus Arcticus: Concerto for Birds and Orchestra), Daniel Goode (The Thursh from Upper Dunakyn), Eberhard Schoener (Sky Music/Mountain Music.)

PROGRAM #52, Songbirdsongs (03/16/1987)





Olivier Messiaen

Catalogues des Oiseaux (Catalog of Birds)

Spanish Warbler (excerpt)

MHS -1423 Musical Heritage Society Out of print. Other recordings are available.

John Adams


Mourning Dove evensong

Opus One #66 (LP); LP perhaps available at gemm.com, another recording of the piece is on Centaur #2273, available at www.arkivmusic.com

Philip Aaberg

High Plains

No Wonder They Sing

Windham Hill #1037 Available at www.philipaaberg.com

Paul Winter


Elves' Chasm Air

Living Music #LMR-6 www.livingmusic.coml

Einojuhani Rautavaara

Cantus Arcticus: Concerto for Birds and Orchestra

Cantus Arcticus

Finlandia #FA-328
Out of Print.
Other recordings are available, such as Ondine #1041, www.ondine.net and can surely be downloaded at www.emusic.com

Daniel Goode

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn

The Thrush from Upper Dunakyn (excerpt)

Opus One
Info at dsgoode@earthlink.net

Eberhard Schoener

Sky Music/Mountain Music

Sky Music

Kuckuck 071 / Black Sun 12059 www.blacksun.com