Music for Multiples

What’s better than music for accordion? Music for 4 or 5 accordions, of course! On this New Sounds, hear musical works for small armies of one kind of instrument - clarinets, guitars, pianos, and accordions, among others. Listen to the World Guitar Ensemble –ten guitarists from eight different countries – who, with their sheer numbers of nylon strings, creatively fuse together pop, jazz, and classical with synthetic loops and distorted guitars so that anything is possible. Also, there’s music by the six pianist collective called Piano Circus, who only perform new music, most of it written specially for them. Rounding out the show is music from the Accordion Tribe, whose ringleader in both incarnations, I and II, is none other than Guy Klucevsek.

PROGRAM #2399, Music for Multiple Instruments (First aired on April 13, 2005)





World Guitar Ensemble

Crossing Borders

Peppino D’Agostino: Mediterranean Spark [4:00]
Gyan Riley: Mobettabutta [8:00]

CCN Music # WGE080603 *

Piano Circus


Tim Seddon: 16 [4:00]

Argo #433522, out of print, but see for info

Steve Reich

Bang On A Can

New York Counterpoint [11:00]

Nonesuch #79481 ** *

Accordion Tribe


The Gunks [3:00]

Intuition #3220
Available at

World Guitar Ensemble

Crossing Borders

Ferdinand Försch: 7532 [10:00]

See above.