20-String Slinger

Hear new music for the 20-string koto on this New Sounds. The Japanese koto is an ancient instrument, but in fact there is only new music written for the 20-string version, which wasn’t invented until the 1960s by composer Minoru Miki. Koto player Yumi Kurosawa and shakuhachi (flute) master James Nyoraku Schlefer play live works for flute and koto in our studio. Also, music for 20-string koto by the late Tadao Sawai.

PROGRAM # 2650, new music for Japanese instruments (First aired on Friday 3/9/07)





Various artists: Koto Vortex

The Rough Guide To The Music of Japan

Ho Na Mi, excerpt [1:30]

World Music Network #RGNET-1031 www.worldmusic.net

James Nyoraku Schlefer & Yumi Kurosawa


Minoru Miki: Music For Autumn, excerpt [8:00]
James Schlefer: Duo #3 [8:00]
Takashi Yoshimatsu: Soh Gyo Fu, pt. 4 [4:00]

Not commercially available, though many of Miki’s works are widely recorded.

The Yoshida Brothers


Panorama [3:00]

Domo #73071 www.domo.com
Or download from Emusic.com or iTunes.

Various artists: Yukihiro Goto Yasubu Jun & An-Chang Project Takio Ito & Takio Band

The Rough Guide To The Music of Japan

Ubue [5:30]
Amagoi Bushi [4:30]
Takio’s Soran Bushi [4:00]

See above.