Music, Nature, and Technology

"There is music in nature and nature in music. What may be most wonderful is that we can love and be immersed by both without needing to understand how the two are forever intertwined. It is enough to know that they are," says musician, composer, author and philosopher-naturalist David Rothenberg in "A Sense of Soundscape." Possibly on another side of the spectrum, is the musician and artist known as Scanner, a.k.a Robin Rimbaud, whose audio works range from the use of ‘found sound’ conversations which earned him the nickname ‘telephone terrorist’ to meditative use of tape-loops, ambient albums, and composed electronic soundscapes for film and ballet. For this New Sounds, listen to in-studio performance of music for clarinet and two laptops by David Rothenberg and the audio artist Scanner. Look forward to music with recordings of nightingales, grasshoppers, crickets, Beluga whales and an orgy of copulating animals.

PROGRAM # 2648, with Scanner & David Rothenberg, live (First aired on 3/5/07)





David Rothenberg

Why Birds Sing

Beezus, Beeten, Breep [2:00]

Terra Nova #0501

David Rothenberg & Scanner


Improvisation #1 [6:30]

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Various Artists: David Rothenberg

Belly of the Whale

Inside The Whale [1:30]

Important #098

David Rothenberg & Scanner


Improvisation #2 [5:00]
Improvisation #3 [14:00]

Not commercially available.

Scanner & Patricia Rozario

Private recording

Faultline, excerpt [8:00]

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