New Music from Spain

Mainly new music from Spain fills this New Sounds program. Listen to the flamenco blend of the unconventional cross-pollinators, Son de la Frontera. Their pounding flamenco footsteps over thundering guitars toes the line of Spanish-based traditions, and mixes in beats and melodies from Cuba, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. Also, there’s electroacoustic music from self-confessed musical alchemists Radio Tarifa. This trio draws from a wide variety of folkloric traditions: Castillian, Andalusian, Japanese, with diversions to Renaissance music just to keep you guessing. Plus, the “terrifyingly good technique” of Juan Martin (according to the Spanish paper El Mundo) as showcased in some medieval-inspired flamenco. And much more.

PROGRAM #2500 New Music from Spain (aired Thurs. 1/19/06)





Son de la Frontera Son de la Frontera Como El Agua Entre las Piedras [5:00] World Village 468059** *
Martires del Compas No Papeles (No Papers) Chu Lailo La Leilo [5:00] World Village #468045 *
Son de la Frontera Son de la Frontera Buleria del Corazon [6:30] See above.
Juan Martin Musica Alhambra The Passion of the Lament [9:30] FlamencoVision #04
Radio Tarifa Temporal La Tarara [3:30] Nonesuch #79499***
Rafael Jiminex Cante Gitano Malaguena A Enrique El Mellizo [3:00] Celestial Harmonies #13112 ***
Javier Paxarino Pangea Qumran [6:00] Musica Sin-Fin #004 Paxarino’s site is:
e-mail him
Luis Paniagua Planeo Revelacion [6:00] Radio Nacional de Espana #RNE 640025 His site is Check for availablility by e-mailing
Suso Saiz Simbolos Sal de Luna [3:00] Slow Food #9S-0416 Out of print.