Battleship Potemkin

From the New Sounds Live/Silent Film series at the World Financial Center, The Clubfoot Orchestra plays a new score by Richard Marriott for Sergei Eisenstein’s famous silent film “Battleship Potemkin.” One of the most renowned films of the century, "Potemkin" contains one of the best-known sequences in cinema’s entire history – the harrowing fall of a baby carriage down the Odessa steps. Eisenstein’s depiction of political oppression and violence portrayed the Russian revolution in microcosm and was banned worldwide for years after its premiere.

PROGRAM #2390, Clubfoot/Battleship Potemkin (First aired on March 22, 2005)

Clubfoot Orchestra New Sounds Live, World Financial Center Winter Garden, 1/21/05 Battleship Potemkin, excerpts [45:00] This performance not commercially available. For info on Clubfoot's CDs and video of silent films with new music, go to