Turntablist Guitarist

The digital, digitized, and digitally refracted guitar-based music of Andre LaFosse is on this edition of New Sounds. LaFosse's latest release of "turntablist guitar" music - call it something like funk/glitch/hip-hop - just happens to have been performed live, on solo electric guitar. Actually, for live shows, La Fosse prepares his guitar to go through five Echoplex units simultaneously - creating endless looping possibilities and a lot of brain-freeze.

PROGRAM #2388, with Andre LaFosse, live (First aired on March 16, 2005)

Andre LaFosse Normalized One Way Street, excerpt [1:00] Altruist Music #2301 www.altruistmusic.com*
Andre LaFosse Live Improvisation [4:00]
Entwined [4:00]
Improvisation [7:00]
These performances not commercially available.
Andre LaFosse Normalized The Proposition [5:00] See above.
David Torn What Means Solid, Traveller? Each Prince, to his Kingdom, must labor to go [4:00] CMP #1012 now out of print. Info on David Torn and his full discography at www.splattercell.com
Robert Fripp The Gates of Paradise Sometimes God Hides [7:00] Discipline Global Mobile #9608** www.discipline.co.uk*