Twittering Machines

On this edition of New Sounds, experience music driven by a relentless pulse. There's music by the "superminimalist" and "machinist" Lithuanian composer Rytis Mazulis. His work, "Twittering Machines" is computer-controlled mechanical piano organized into dense layers whose insistent rhythmic patterns gradually shift over time. Then, listen to "AC/DC," from a brand-new CD by the Italian new music group Sentieri Selvaggi. Plus, hear a work by electronic music innovator Morton Subotnick for chamber orchestra and computer based on a surrealistic novel by Max Ernst - "The Key to Songs."





Sentieri Selvaggi


Michael Gordon: AC/DC [9:00]
David Lang: I Fought The Law [6:00]

Cantaloupe #21030** *

Morton Subotnick

The Key To Songs

The Key To Songs [22:30]

New Albion #012**

Rytis Mažulis

Twittering Machine

Clavier of Pure Reason [9:30]

Megadisc #7809