Worms And Specks

“America's multi-mediatrix” Laurie Anderson visits the studio on this edition of New Sounds to talk about and sample from her latest work, The End of the Moon. In it, she looks at the relationships between war, aesthetics, spirituality and consumerism while drawing from her travels, research, impression-packed journals, dreams, and theories in her post as artist-in-residence for NASA. Anecdotal, wide ranging and epic, this original work also features Anderson’s new music for violin and electronics and takes us on a music-theater journey that examines how we think about the scale of space and ourselves in relation to the rest of the planet. “We are really worms and specks. I find a certain comfort in that.” [from a New York Times Magazine interview by DEBORAH SOLOMON, January 30, 2005]

PROGRAM #2380, with Laurie Anderson (First aired on Feb. 24, 2005)





Laurie Anderson

New Sounds Live, 2/96

3 Stories From Cyberspace [8:30]

Not commercially available. Anderson’s CDs are available in stores and online. For a discography, visit www.allmusic.com

New Sounds Live, Merkin Hall, 2/04

Work In Progress, “The End of the Moon,” excerpts [5:00], [3:00], [7:00]

Kronos Quartet

Private recording

Sun Rings, excerpt [8:30]

Not yet commercially available.