The 2006 Listener Poll Show

Here's the rebuttal to last night’s program where the listeners weigh in on the best new music releases of 2006. Thanks to all of the listeners who voted. As we sorted through the responses, the color commentary isn't that different from years past. Some of the usual suspects ranked highly this year, and there were also some relatively new artists doing some groundbreaking and genre-less things, which we LOVE here at New Sounds. Listen for the shocking results...

Also, for the first year ever, there were a few new categories included in the poll, because they seemed like fun at the time: Best Reissue (although the New Sounds Assistant neglected to remember Byrne/Eno's "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"), Best Download (only encompassing those included on New Sounds), and Best Cover Song (arbitrary picks that came to mind in a brainstorm as the survey was programmed.)

Best [New Music] Cover Song [aired on New Sounds]: Gutbucket's adaptation of Messiaen's Danse de la Fureur, pour les sept trompettes, from the Quatuor pour la fin du temps
Runner-up: Rodrigo y Gabriela - Stairway To Heaven

Best Reissue: Overwhelmingly, the listeners chose Patti Smith's "Horses," although none of the record was aired on New Sounds. The impulsive decision to include it in the poll was tied to the closing of the landmark CBGB's.
Runner-up: Robert Fripp's "Exposure" and Brian Eno, with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno - "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks" were nearly tied for second place.

Best Download [aired on New Sounds]: Mikel Rouse's releases "The End of Cinematics," and "International Cloud Atlas"

PROGRAM # 2628, The 21st Annual New Sounds Listener Poll (First aired on 1/11/07)





10. John Hollenbeck & Jazz BigBand Graz

Joys & Desires

The Garden Of Love [5:00]

Intuition #33862 www.intuition-

9. Keith Jarrett

The Carnegie Hall Concert

Pt. 3 [3:00]

ECM #1989/90* *

8. Cassandra Wilson


Easy Rider, excerpt [5:00]

Blue Note #63398 www.cassandra

7. Peter Lieberson

Neruda Songs

Amor Mio, si muero y tu no mueres, excerpt [4:00]

Nonesuch #79954*

6. Arvo Part

Da Pacem

Da Pacem Domine, excerpt [4:00]

Harmonia Mundi #907401 **

5. Ethel


Arrival [4:30]

Cantaloupe #21032 *

4. Ali Farka Toure


Machengoidi [3:30]

Nonesuch #79965 **

3. Anonymous 4


Saint's Delight [4:00]

Harmonia Mundi #907400 **

2. Joanna Newsom


Emily, excerpt [6:00]

Drag City #303 or download from or iTunes.

1. John Adams

The Dharma At Big Sur / My Father Knew Charles Ives

The Dharma At Big Sur, excerpt [4:00]

Nonesuch #79857 ***