What's Old Is New

Listen to two recordings by Steve Reich –Reich’s most recent work, “You Are (Variations)” and a 1977 live performance from New York’s New Music venue The Kitchen. Reich “just set out to have a good time composing” with “You Are (Variations),” for voices, and at times, four pianos. With texts drawn from philosophy and scripture, like the Jewish mystic Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s statement “You are wherever your thoughts are,” the four movement work explores aspects of existence, in a set of variations. The work receives its premiere on 24 October at Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Also, hear “Six Pianos,” an early work by Reich, played by six pianists: Glen Velez, Steve Chambers, Russell Hartenberger, James Preiss, Bob Becker and Steve Reich. It’s just one of the works on a newly released disc of performances by Steve Reich and Musicians, recorded back in 1977, but only just discovered in 2002 in a dusty box in the Kitchen’s archives.

PROGRAM #2463 Steve Reich, Old & New (First aired on Mon. 10/17/05)





Steve Reich

You Are (Variations)

You Are (Variations) [27:00]

Nonesuch #79891** www.nonesuch.com*

Steve Reich And Musicians

Live 1977 – From The Kitchen Archives, No. 2

Six Pianos [18:00]

Orange Mountain Music #0018** www.orangemountain-

Steve Reich

You Are (Variations)

Cello Counterpoint, excerpt [4:00]

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