Experience various soundscapes on this edition of New Sounds. Listen to the latest percussive soundscapes from Mecca Bodega, from their sometimes trance-jazzy release, "Skin." Plus, there's drummer/composer Bobby Previte's chamber improvisations from a piece called "Mirror, Mirror." Also on this program of soundscapes, sample the layered saxophone of Jan Garbarek from "All Those Born With Wings," a recording from 1986. Rounding out the hour are the quiet reflective pairings of guitar with horn on Ralph Towner's "Rumours of Rain," and lots more.

PROGRAM # 2458 Soundscapes (First aired on Tues. 9/27/05)






No Secrets

Soundscape [6:00]0]

New Albion #017 ***

Mecca Bodega


Sidewinder [6:00]

Harmonized #021,

Bobby Previte

Pushing the Envelope

Mirror, Mirror [3:00]

Gramavision #8711 Out of print, but try Ebay. Info at

David Byrne

Music for the Knee Plays

Winter [6:00]

ECM #25022
Out of print, but try

Ralph Towner

Blue Sun

Rumours of Rain [11:00]

ECM #1250*

Jan Garbarek

All Those Born With Wings

Pt III [7:00]

ECM #1324 OR Rarum #8002*

Viktor Krauss

Far From Enough

Overcast [7:00]

Nonesuch #79819 ***

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