Listen to plenty of horns on this New Sounds program, including tunes by likes of the big-band progressive/experimental “downtown” Microscopic Septet from a brand new set of reissue CDs. Then fasten your crash helmets, there’s Indie big band thrashlounge from the Flat Earth Society. Also, listen to the most recent outing from saxophone player and composer Kenny Garrett, “Beyond the Wall,” something of a spiritual dialogue between Africa and China. And, as always, much more.

PROGRAM # 2602, Brass Ensembles (First aired on Nov. 6, 2006)





Flat Earth Society


Anthem 2004 [4:00]

Crammed Discs # 128 www.fes.be*

John Hollenbeck & Jazz Big Band Graz

Joys & Desires

Maxfield [10:00]

Intuition #33862 www.intuition-music.com**

Flat Earth Society


Gulls And Buoys [4:30]

See above.

Microscopic Septet

Surrealistic Swing

The Visit [7:30]

Cuneiform #238/239 ** www.microscopicseptet.com *


Orange Blossom

Fuzball In Valhalla [4:30]

482 Music #1051 www.482music.com*

Matt Shulman

So It Goes

Almost There [6:30]

Jaggo #4275 www.jaggo.com*

Taylor Haskins

Wake Up Call

Nomads [4:00]

Fresh Sounds New Talent #145 www.freshsoundrecords.com *

John Hollenbeck & Jazz Big Band Graz

Joys & Desires

Just Like Him, excerpt [2:00]

See above.

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