In the Moment

Cécile Schott, working under the moniker "Colleen," has crafted elegant, barely-there compositions on her latest release, “The Golden Morning Breaks.” On this edition of New Sounds, sample from some of these textured soundscapes of muted moods and ethereal melodies. Also, listen to free-flowing music from Keith Jarrett’s recording, “Spirits,” on which he overdubbed himself playing tabla, shakers, recorders, flutes, and piano. Plus, hear improvised duo music by jazz-rock musician Keith Tippett, together with his vocalist wife Julie Tippett who is likely to play thumb piano, wind chimes, recorder and everything else. And, of course, much more.

PROGRAM # 2451, Music in the Moment (First aired on Mon. 9/12/2005)





Keith Jarrett


Spirits #2 [1:30] #13 [5:00] #25 [2:30]

These excerpts taken from the Jarrett compilation “rarum: Selected Recordings.” Both this and the original “Spirits” are available in stores or at **

Keith & Julie Tippett

Couple in Spirit

Daybreak [3:00]
Marching [6:00]
Evening Psalm [3:30]

Editions EG #52. Out of print, but try auction sites or*


The Touchstone

See [5:30]

ECM #1130***

Tamia & Pierre Favre

De la nuit… le jour

Ballade [7:30]

ECM #1364***


The Golden Morning Breaks

Everything Lay Still [10:00]

Leaf # BAY-48.*

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