Revisiting New Sounds

What year is this, anyway? On this edition of the program, hear electronically-altered music from some of the composers who were part of the nightly New Sounds diet back in the mid-1980s, and who are now going strong again. Listen to watery, ambient chill space music by K. Leimer from a recent release called "the Listening Room." Then there are works with different drones - one by Chas Smith, his "October 68," where he pulls the country twang of guitar strings like taffy, stretching the sound into a folksy drone, and another piece with hypnotic repeating drones by Harold Budd. Plus, hear the 1986 work by Daniel Lentz, "Time's Trick."

PROGRAM #2345 Revisiting early new music composers from the West Coast (First aired Tuesday, 11-16-04)





Various Artists: Chas Smith

The Complete 10-inch series from Cold Blue

October 68 [4:30]

Cold Blue #0014 ** *

Daniel Lentz

The Crack in the Bell

The Crack In the Bell [13:00]

Angel/EMI #49180 Long out of print, however, see, or e-mail

K. Leimer

The Listening Room

Circle of Grey [21:00]

Palace of Lights #19/2002 *

Harold Budd

The Room

The Room of Mirrors [7:00]

Atlantic #83382 ** *

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