Zippo Songs Live

From the New Sounds Live Concert Series, it's a sociopolitical blowout show. Hear Phil Kline's "Zippo Songs," art songs for rock band (and the musical equivalent of a kick to the gut), along with excerpts from Scott Johnson's work, “How It Happens,” featuring the voice of I.F. Stone and Ethel, all performed live from the stage at Merkin Hall. Phil Kline's Zippo Songs are provocative and intense, hard-rockin' music with settings of "poems" inscribed on army-issue Zippo lighters by American GIs in Vietnam. Also, hear Kline's "Rumsfeld songs" containing texts from various Pentagon briefings, all sung by Theo Bleckmann and featuring the Zippo Band: violinist Todd Reynolds, percussionist David Cossin, and the composer himself on guitars.
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PROGRAM # #2338, from New Sounds Live (First aired on Monday, 11/1/04)





Phil Kline

New Sounds Live, Merkin Concert Hall, 9/28/04

Three Rumsfeld Songs [6:30]
Zippo Songs (complete) [31:00]

Studio versions of these songs are on the Phil Kline CD "Zippo Songs" - or in stores.

Ethel plays Scott Johnson

New Sounds Live, Merkin Concert Hall, 9/28/04

It Raged [8:30]

Studio version by the Kronos Quartet is on the CD "Released", or in stores.

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