With Pino Forastiere

Guitarist and composer Dominic Frasca is opening the ultimate boutique performance space in Chelsea, where the music (rather than the booze, burlesque or meat market scene) takes center stage – The Monkey. The first performer to grace this freshly-drilled and surround-sound equipped new venue is the extraordinary Italian guitarist Forastiere, who combines the blues with tapping on his acoustic 6-string. On this edition of New Sounds, Forastiere performs his original solo compositions live in the studio. The music is something like a mix of Steve Reich's interlocking rhythmic patterns meet Michael Hedges' techniques, all while admiring Eddie Van Halen. Also, John Schaefer speaks with Frasca about this intimate new space and its capabilities for concerts and multimedia events.

PROGRAM #2336 with Pino Forastiere (Thurs. 10-28-04)





Experimental Musical Instruments

Later Years

One Ring Zero: Dead Animals [3:30]

Exp #0016

One Ring Zero


The Rabbit Sends In A Little Bill [2:30]

Private release. Info at www.oneringzero.com

One Ring Zero

As Smart As We Are

Natty Man Blues [3:30]
Kiss Me You Brat [3:00]

Soft Skull Press, no #** www.softskull.com*

One Ring Zero


Rogering [3:30]
Rock Songs At The Hog Farm [3:30]

Urbangeek Records, no #. www.oneringzero.com*

Pino Forastiere


Seagull B [4:00]
Last Minute [3:00]
November [3:30]
Hidden 7 [2:30]
Rag Tap Boom [2:30]

Forastiere’s CD, “Rag Tap Boom” is available from www.S3L.com*

Dominic Frasca


Forced Entry, excerpt [2:00]

Serious Music, no #. www.dominicfrasca.com*

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