Chamber Jazz and Tokyo Road

Listen to tracks from "Book of Silk" by the Tin Hat Trio (Mark Orton, Carla Kihlstedt and Rob Burger) on this edition of New Sounds. "Book of Silk" is named for an ancient Chinese manuscript of the first recorded renderings of comets. Much of this idiosyncratic chamber jazz was actually recorded as a quintet, featuring harpist Zeena Parkins (a fixture on New York’s “avant-garde” music scene and Bjork’s sometime collaborator) and tuba master Bryan Smith (symphony player, and he’s with Deep Banana Blackout) along with the trio’s quirky blend of violin, accordion and guitar. The trio continues to focus on removing the boundaries between classical, world music, and jazz – and between improvisation and composition with this lush and intriguing record. Also on the show is music from pianist Brad Mehldau’s latest CD, a live recording made in Tokyo. On it he takes on standards from George Gershwin and Cole Porter to modern standards like Radiohead and Nick Drake and achieves strange, yet marvelous creative interpretations of those tunes, with help from bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Jorge Rossy.

PROGRAM #2334 Tin Hat Trio, One Ring Zero, etc. (Thurs. 10-21-04)





Tin Hat Trio

Book of Silk

Compay [5:00]
Things That Might Have Been [4:30]
Red Hook Stoop [5:00]

Ropeadope #51532***

One Ring Zero


A Caucus Race [4:00]
Alice And The Duchess [1:30]
Who Stole The Tarts? {4:30]

Private release, no #

Brad Mehldau

Live In Tokyo

Paranoid Android [19:30]

Nonesuch #79853**

Robert Macht

Suite for Javanese Gamelan & Synthesizer

String of Pearls [3:30]

Dorian #80161***

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