New Music from Australia

On this edition of New Sounds, prepare for music from the land of Oz – Australia, that is. Listen to the “wire music” of Alan Lamb, which explores telegraph wires “singing in the wind,” or more accurately, the sounds generated by the action of wind on long wires. There’s also cross-cultural music from the Sita Band, which includes both western and eastern instruments, and is heavily influenced by Indonesian gamelan music. Plus, hear music performed by the Australian band Topology, who combine violin viola and piano with electric bass guitar, sampler, saxophone and sound engineering. Rounding out the show is music from Michael Askill, the former principal percussionist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

PROGRAM # 2430, Looking South: Music from Australia (First aired on Fri. 6/24/2005)





Riley Lee, Michael Askill, Michael Atherton

Shoalhaven Rise

Looking South [8:00]

Black Sun #15019

The SITA Band (Australian Art Orchestra)

The Theft of Sita

Part 1 [4:30]

Australian Art Orchestra Recording
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Perpetual Motion Machine

M. Nyman: And Do They Do, Pt. 1 [5:30]

Serrated Records #310303

The Necks

The Boys

Headlights [10:00]

ReR Megacorp # ReR NECKS4*

Simon Walker, Philip Powers, et al

Music for Pianos, Percussion, and Synthesizers

S. Walker: Deep Space [4:30]

OneMOne#1004 The label’s site is,
but they appear not to have the CD. Try the Australian Music Centre instead:

Various artists

Austral Voices

Alan Lamb: Journeys On The Wind of Time I [12:00]

New Albion #028

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