Vaults: Meredith Monk

For tonight’s From the Vaults program in our archive series, we go back to March of 1995, to a New Sounds Live concert with Meredith Monk and Vocal Eensemble. Special exclusive live performances include “Porch,” and excerpts from American Archeology.

PROGRAM #1142: From the New Sounds Live Concerts (New York airdate: 3-24-95)





Meredith Monk

live 1/95

Porch {4:30}

Not commercially available. Monk has numerous CDs on the ECM label, , available in stores.

live, 1/95

Light Songs {12:00}

Appears on “Volcano Songs,” ECM 1589.

live, 1/95

Three Heavens and Hells {21:00}

Appears on “Volcano Songs,” ECM 1589.

live, 1/95

American Archeology #1 {9:00}

Not commercially available.

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