#533: Vaults: Glenn Branca

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For this New Sounds from the Vaults show, we visit with the fearless leader of numerous guitar armies, composer Glenn Branca. On this program from August of 1990, he and John Schaefer sample from Branca’s dance and symphonic works, talk about the size of European orchestral pits, and much more.

PROGRAM #533 with Glenn Branca (First aired on Thurs 7/20/06)





Glenn Branca

Symphony #3, Gloria

Excerpt {1:30}

Neutral N-4 LP. Re-released on Atavistic Records, ALP8CD www.atavistic.com Also issued as a CD by the Belgian Crepuscule label, Crepuscule #TWI-15. Try Gemm.com

private tape

"Symphony #7" excerpts {6:00}, {8:00}, {7:00}

Not commercially available.

private tape

The World Upside Down, excerpts {5:00}, {6:00}

ALP16CD, www.atavistic.com Also available on Crepuscule

Symphony #3, Gloria

conclusion {4:00}

see above.

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