#2327: Drunk Circus Music

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There’s music for large ensembles on this edition of New Sounds, with tunes from The Industrial Jazz Group. Their recent CDs, which some listeners have tried to put into words as, “Thelonious Monk goes to the circus drunk,” put bebop alongside the avant-garde, with melody-driven stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in the “downtown” or “west coast jazz” scenes, yet the music is fun, multiple-metered and sometimes even includes theremin. Also, hear the prog-jazz of Either/Orchestra, who stir the soup of old-timey ballads and swing madly while doing so. Then there’s Edward Ratliff’s jazzy-snakey-smokey-Latin blend, hopefully from the CD, “Barcelona in 48 Hours.” Plus, listen to Brian Woodbury’s foray into worlds beyond jazz, with Latin percussion, big band horns, pedal steel guitar, banjo, fiddles, accordion & then some. On his most recent release,”Variety Orchestra,” Woodbury seems to draw from nearly everything - Zappa, Mexican bands, Spike Jones, Charles Ives, you name it.

PROGRAM #2327 Large bands (Wed. 9-29-04)





The Beat Circus

Ringleaders Revolt

Contortionist Tango [7:00]

Innova #623**

The Industrial Jazz Group

City Of Angles

Interlude In Krupa [3:00]

Innova #571

The Beat Circus

Ringleaders Revolt

The Mack [4:30]

See above.


The Half-Life Of Desire

Red [11:30]

Accurate #3242** www.accuraterecords.com

Edward Ratliff

Barcelona In 48 Hours

Sintuba [7:00]

Strudelmedia #008 www.strudel.net

Brian Woodbury

Variety Orchestra

Venice, Italy [8:30]

ReR #BW1 www.somephil.com or www.rerusa.com

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble

Year of the Snake

Parade [5:30]

Innova #599

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