#361: Vaults: Magmouat Hakmoun

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With John Schaefer away "on assignment," we rustle up a few more classics from the archives for this month of August. For this vaults edition of New Sounds, Moroccan trance musician Hassan Hakmoun brought his musical family by the WNYC studios in September of 1989 to perform live. Hear that set of music and more.

PROGRAM #361 "With Guests Magmouat Hakmoun" (Originally aired on 8/7/1992)







Archipelago [5:00]

Hannibal LP #1314. Out of print.

Hassan Hakmoun & and the Magmouat Hakmoun


"Nagcha" [6:30]
”Bu Derbala"
"Sidi Musa"
"Balele" [15:30]

“Nagcha” appears on the 1998 Alula records release Hassan Hakmoun: Life Around the World. Try Amazon.com * Everything else is on the 1995 release Hassan Hakmoun: The Fire Within, on the Music of the World label, downloadable from emusic.com, or available at Amazon.com *

Eternal Wind

Terra Incognita

"Yemanja" {5:00}

Flying Fish #422. Out of print. Another Eternal Wind release, Wasalu, is available for download at emusic.com

Dumisani Maraire


"Yuwi Maiwe" {3:00}

Music of the World. Downloadable from emusic.com

Lights In A Fat City


"Guboo" {9:00}

These Rec's, #3 / City of Tribes COTCD-001. Out of print, but try Amazon.com*

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