Egghead Van Halen

“You can excite an audience, you can anger an audience, you can even scare an audience, just don't bore an audience." This is the operating philosophy of guitarist, composer, and presenter Dominic Frasca. Equally as concerned with the visual aspects of performance as with the audible, Frasca’s concerts often contain multi-media works, incorporating video, power tools, erotic dancers and even lawn care equipment. He's also been dubbed the "Eddie Van Halen for Eggheads" by Entertainment Weekly magazine. On this edition of New Sounds, Frasca visits the WNYC studio to talk about his latest Olympic weightlifting exploits, the technical set-up of the surround sound at the Monkey - the performance space he operates, and oh yes – play some pretty amazing guitar, both 6 and 10 string.

PROGRAM # 2429, with Dominic Frasca, live (First aired on Wed. 6/22/2005)





Dominic Frasca


M. Mellits: Dark Age Machinery [3:00]

Quicksilver, no #.

Dominic Frasca


Fixations [5:00]
Shattered Glass [3:30]

Both are due for release on Frasca’s next cd.
Info on his website, see above.

Wu Man

And Friends

I’m Going Back To North Carolina [2:30]

Traditional Crossroads #4329.*

Abigail Washburn

Song of the Traveling Daughter

Song of the Traveling Daughter [4:30]

Nettwerk America, due in August 2005.

Wu Man

And Friends

Old Joe Clark [2:30]

See above.

Abigail Washburn

Song of the Traveling Daughter

The Lost Lamb [4:00]

See above.

Mark O’Connor


Nomad [8:30]

Warner Bros #45257**
Also available online*

David Oliver


Jessica’s Dream, excerpt [5:00]

Eucalyptus #004 (part of a 3 cd box set called “Circle of One +2”). Eucalyptus Recordings, Cold Brook Rd, Bearsville NY 12409. The original LP may be available at *

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