New Sounds of "Jazz Piano"

On this New Sounds program, we have a new look at “jazz piano,” with the focus on innovators like Jason Moran, Matthew Shipp and the Bad Plus. This is definitely not jazz piano from the conservatory, but that which borrows from all walks and is not afraid to incorporate hip hop, rock, electronica and world music. Jason Moran is one of a new young bunch of percussive pianists, whose impulsive attacks are not soft around the edges, and a lot of his improvisations are eruptive and drumlike. Another non-conservatory jazz pianist is Matthew Shipp whose concept of jazz on a recent release, the electro-acoustic small combo groove “Equilibrium,” is jazz as ambient soundscape. Shipp has also played with Spring Heel Jack, the electronic drum and bass duo, improvising freely over the backdrop provided by the duo. Then there’s the Bad Plus, jazzmen who can improvise anarchically, have something classical to their melody and phrasing, and mess with just about anything that captures their fancy. On their most recent record, “Give,” they even tackle tunes by Black Sabbath and The Pixies.

PROGRAM #2320 The New Sounds of the “Jazz Piano” (Mon. 9-13-04)





The Bad Plus


Cheney Pinata [4:30]
Layin’ A Strip For The Higher-Self State Line [4:30]
And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation [4:30]

Columbia #58331** *

Jason Moran


Gangsterism on a Lunchtable [3:00]
Planet Rock [5:30]

Blue Note #39838** *

Matthew Shipp

Harmony and Abyss

Blood 2 The Brain [6:00]

Thirsty Ear #57152** *

Omar Sosa


L3Zero [6:30]

OTA #1014** *

Brad Mehldau

Live in Tokyo

Things Behind The Sun [4:30]

Nonesuch #79853** *

Geri Allen

The Life Of A Song

LWB’s House (The Remix) [5:30]

Telarc #83598 ** *

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