North, South, East, West

New Sounds faces the music in all directions, North, South, East, and West on this program. Hear music by German guitarist Andreas Willers with Canadian pianist Paul Bley, from the release, "In the North," an improv tribute to reed player Jimmy Giuffre. Also, selections from "Which Way Is East," the double CD collection of spontaneous duets by saxophonist Charles Lloyd and the late percussionist Billy Higgins. Higgins plays drumkit, but also sings blues, sambas and African music with his guitar, and together the two of them make a kind of free-improvised world-music. Plus, directional works from Ennio Morricone (the West) and Dino Saluzzi's quartet (The South).

PROGRAM #2312 North, South, East, West (Mon. 7-26-04)





Jeremy Peyton-Jones

North South East West

North South East West, excerpt [1:30]

New Tone #6748*

Andreas Willers with Paul Bley

In The North

In The North [4:30]

Between the Lines #10196 Try

Dino Saluzzi

Once Upon A Time; Far Away in the South

Silence [6:30]

ECM #1309***

Charles Lloyd & Billy Higgins

Which Way Is East?

Sallam: Tagi [4:00] Devotion: Through Fields And Underground [3:30] Light of Love:Beloved, Chimes at Midnight [5:00]

ECM # 1878/79***

John Zorn

The Big Gundown - John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone

Once Upon A Time In The West [8:00]

Tzadik #7328***

Meredith Monk with Robert Een

Facing North

Long Shadows I [2:30]

ECM #1482*

Alloy Orchestra

NS Live, World Financial Center , 1-23-01

South, excerpt [3:30]

Info online at Hear the full performance on New Sounds #2129

Jukka Tolonen

Mountain Stream

East Meets West [5:30]

Sonet #2636 Swedish LP, long out of print.