June 2006 New Releases

We love it when new mail it comes into the New Sounds office. We sometimes race to the mailbox three times a day anticipating the newest, latest sounds to reach us in these overwhelming stacks of mail. And on tonight’s New Sounds, we share the best of the new releases we’ve received this June. Probable finalists include the folk-gypsy-tango music created by the multi-tracked viola of Ljova (Lev Zhurbin), the inbetween jazz-rock from drummer Jim Black's band AlasNoAxis, and dualing South Indian Classical violins played by the siblings Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Lalgudi J Vijayalakshmi. Plus, Cuban-Senegalese salsa from Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric Orchestra and more…

PROGRAM # 2564, New Releases, June 2006 (First aired on Fri. 6/30/06)





Lalgudi GJR Krishnan and Lalgudi J Vijayalakshmi

Bow To The Violins

Varnam [6:30]

Felmay #8105


Vjola: World On Four Strings

Ori’s Fearful Symmetry [4:30]

Kapustnik, no #

John Balke / Batagraf


Rraka [3:00]

ECM #1932 ** www.ecmrecords.com*

String Theory

White Orchids

Chaos Nebula [5:00]

Limited EP release: stringtheoryproductions.com

Banco de Gaia

Farewell Ferengistan

Flow My Dreams, The Android Wept [9:00]

Six Degrees #1128 ** www.sixdegreesrecords.com*

Various artists: Jesse Sparhawk

Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 2

Light Cycle / Tetrahedra [5:00]

Tompkins Square #1424 www.tompkinssquare.com*

Jim Black & AlasNoAxis

Dogs of Great Indifference

Oddfelt, excerpt [5:30]

Winter & Winter #910120 www.winterandwinter.com*

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