Gamelan Music, East And West

From the Javanese, “gamel,” meaning “hammer,” or “to strike," gamelan is a group of instruments meant to be played together, including tuned metallophones, various gongs, flutes, drums and other percussion. This edition of New Sounds is packed full of gamelan music, from both the east and west. Hear music of the nearly thousand-year old tradition of Java (Indonesia), with ceremonial music from the Surakarta (a.k.a. Soko) court. Plus, Richard Marriott's score to “Legong,” a film and film score incorporating Balinese Gamelan music, and much more.

PROGRAM #2300 Gamelan Music, East And West (Mon. 6-28-04)





Gamelan of Central Java

1 - Classical Gendings

Gending Tunggul Kawung [10:00]

Dunya #8041

David Simons

Prismatic Hearing

The Unraveling [6:00]

Tzadik #8001***

So Percussion

So Percussion

E. Ziporyn:Melody Competition, excerpt [9:00]

Cantaloupe #21022***

Richard Marriott; Clubfoot Orchestra; Gamelan Son of Lion


Legong, excerpt [8:00]

Info online at and To be performed live with film at the World Financial Center in January 2005

Gamelan of Central Java

2-Ceremonial Music

Sakaten gending, excerpt [10:00]

Dunya #8042

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