American Fiddle

Violinist and composer Darol Anger, a founder of the Turtle Island String Quartet, joins us to talk about his current group, The Republic of Strings. This intergenerational string quartet/band somehow connects jazz, bluegrass, world music, jam band and chamber music, old-time jazz, soul, country and fuses them into a unique slice of Americana. For this New Sounds, Anger presents tunes from the new CD, Generation Nation and more.

PROGRAM # 2545, with guest Darol Anger (First aired on Thurs, May 4, 2006)





Glenn Jones

This Is The Wind That Blows It Out

This Is The Wind That Blows It Out [4:00]

Strange Attractors #024.*

Tony Graci

Reflections on Steel

Nowhere Than Here [3:30]

Dave Simmons


24/7 Blues [4:30]*

Darol Anger’s Republic Of Strings

Generation Nation

The Seagull/Bay Day [8:00]
Father Adieu [3:30]
The Ramblin’ Barber [6:30]
The Tan Hut, excerpt [4:30]

Compass #4427***

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